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Workshop Highlights

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Here are a few bonuses to enhance your “aha!” experience.

Workshop Bonuses:

Women’s Challenges Working with Men
By Barbara Annis

When women really listen to men talking about their challenges working with women, they are often amazed by what they hear. When men listen to the women’s challenges, they tend to hear women’s stories as isolated incidents and react by saying, “That only happened that one time. It didn’t mean anything.” They particularize each point, challenging what women say, rather than trying to understand women’s point of view. Well, men, the fact of the matter is, when women talk about their challenges, they are not talking about individual incidents. I often use the expression “water torture” to illustrate how many women feel. When they talk about individual incidents to illustrate what they mean, what they’re really saying is how discouraged they are by the build-up of similar incidents. For the complete article click here.

Same Words, Different Language
By Barbara Annis

Men and women think differently. We process information differently. But we still speak the same language—don’t we? Surely, we can solve our problems just by talking. Actually, talking isn’t the complete solution. Sometimes, talking is part of the problem. Men and women communicate differently. Even when we use the same words, we often don’t mean the same thing. Most of us have an intuitive sense of this but we don’t think about it much. We just carry on assuming the other gender means the same thing and interprets things the same way. We listen to the other gender from our own frame of reference. And we have already seen what kinds of misinterpretations that can lead to. For the complete article click here.

Where Gender Difference Starts
By Barbara Annis

Sandra had plenty of unique skills that she didn’t feel were being put to use, let alone valued. She had a real ability to read people. She listened differently than her male colleagues. She read between the lines and caught things they didn’t. She saw a larger picture when they only saw part of it. She was good at building relationships with clients and had a strong ability to sense where people were coming from. Her clients felt she was very tuned in to their needs. And they thought she was thorough, taking her time to cover all the aspects of a problem before she came to conclusions. For the complete article click here.

Resolving Gender Conflicts
By Barbara Annis

Men and women have different styles and approaches to most of the tasks we perform in an average working day. Once you understand those differences, you can easily turn them to your advantage. But when it comes to workplace conflicts, we tend to lose sight of this strength in being different. For the complete article click here.

Men’s Challenges Working with Women
By Barbara Annis

It’s amazing how little men and women know about one another other. I mean, really know about one another. Men and women think they know a lot about the opposite sex, but in fact, what they have are a lot of opinions. Opinions are fine. But they’re limited in scope, substance, and usefulness. Why? Because we get opinions from mapping others’ behavior on to our own experience. For the complete article click here.