Pearson Partners with Be Inclusive Now™ to Help Organizations Improve Employee Productivity and Business Results

Partnership increases access to award-winning, professional online training and development opportunities
New York, NY (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

Studies such as “Women in the Executive Suite Correlate to Higher Profits” conducted by the Glass Ceiling Research Center, show strong correlations between a better balance of men and women in leadership positions and higher company profitability. In an effort to help more organizations increase access to state of the art transformational online training and development opportunities that foster a productive and empowered, gender-blended workplace, Pearson is partnering with Barbara Annis, Founder of the Be Inclusive Now™, a global leader in creating gender intelligent organizational cultures.

Together, Pearson and the Be Inclusive Now™ will provide organizations, including leading financial services, high-tech, health services, and professional services companies, with gender intelligence learning experiences via the Intrepid Learning Hub™ online learning environment, to deliver effective instruction through short-form content, applied practice, and highly interactive social features.

Pearson’s Managing Director of Higher Education, North America, Robin Baliszewski, said, “We are thrilled that our strategic partnership with the Be Inclusive Now™ will enable us to expand our deep commitment to diversity and inclusion to other organizations globally who, like Pearson, recognize the value of gender intelligent workplaces to employee engagement and better business outcomes.”

Be Inclusive Now™ is led by Barbara Annis, a thought leader in the field of gender differences and diversity, and a global practitioner in the area of improving gender relations in the workplace. Barbara first coined the term Gender Intelligence® in the early 1990s, which has since become the basis of the global practice of the Be Inclusive Now™, helping companies become more effective and produce greater, more sustainable results by seeking and blending the contribution of both men and women in unison.

Barbara Annis, said, “We have had such an outstanding partnership with Pearson for several years now, and are truly delighted to deliver this critical piece of work that can ensure we accelerate this powerful learning throughout the world in a cost effective way.”

Barbara Annis will conduct the learning session, “Gender Intelligence: The Competitive Advantage,” at Chief Learning Officer magazine’s Spring 2015 CLO Symposium on April 15th at the Trump National Doral in Miami.

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About Be Inclusive Now™

Be Inclusive Now™ (formerly named Barbara Annis & Associates) is recognized as the global leader in gender diversity and inclusive leadership training for organizations. Our specialized services are designed to foster workplace cultures that acknowledge, value and optimize the unique abilities of individuals. Built on the work of Barbara Annis, a pioneer and global practitioner in the advancement of Gender Intelligence, our unique programs help organizations around the globe achieve breakthrough results. To learn more, visit

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A New Look and Name for Top Gender Diversity Consultant
January 26, 2015

New York, NY/Toronto, ON: Barbara Annis and Associates Inc, the global leader in gender diversity and inclusive leadership for organizations, have officially changed their name to Be Inclusive Now™. This is an exciting new chapter for the company, led by world-renowned gender specialist Barbara Annis, whose 27 years of experience has facilitated breakthrough results on the advancement and retention of women and creating inclusive cultures through partnering with Fortune 500 companies and other organizations across the globe.

While Be Inclusive Now™ will continue to provide the groundbreaking results offered by Barbara Annis and Associates, they are also expanding in size and global reach. The results speak for themselves – when applied, Gender Intelligence creates breakthrough results for organizations. At the heart of this work is Annis’ latest book, co-authored with senior associate Dr. Keith Merron – Gender Intelligence: Breakthrough Strategies for Increasing Diversity and Improving Your Bottom Line.

“This book is a must read for any CEO, HR manager, or any other person who wants to build a successful and productive organization. Those that don’t will be left behind.” (John Vodonick Ph.D.)

Joining Annis at the helm as Managing Partner is Valerie Sorbie, formerly CAO in Capital Markets and COO in technology organizations following 15 years of strategy consulting. The company also boasts a team of Gender Intelligence experts, all devoted to driving sustainable change in organizations.

About Be Inclusive Now™ (formerly Barbara Annis & Associates): Be Inclusive Now™ promotes the understanding of and appreciation for the naturally occurring characteristics that distinguish men and women through a variety of consultation and training services.

“Our conference was a great success, much thanks to your fine involvement and excellent presentation. We could have listened to you for hours; we do hope to have a much longer encore in Stockholm next year. You were EVERYBODY’S favorite speaker and the perfect conclusion to the day.”

Renée Lundholm - President of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce

“Barbara has been a true blessing for our company; she spins her magic, plants seeds in everyone’s minds that have grown into unforeseen results.”

Tom Schwartz - Four Seasons

“Our company is not the same since we learned about Gender Intelligence, we have exceeded on all our six metrics once we implemented our insights. Gender Intelligence is now in the DNA of our culture”

Kerrie Peraino, EVP, American Express

“WOW!” I had no idea of the impact Gender Intelligence has had on me as a leader and how I have transformed my approach to how I work and communicate with women and engage diverse teams”

Bob Cancalosi, GE

“Our culture at the firm has transformed from a macho siloed culture to an inclusive culture. I really see the change over the years and it has had lasting effect at many levels, including the fact that we now have 42% of women in leadership”

Jane Allen, Senior Partner, Deloitte

“The Executive Coaching that Barbara Annis & Associates provided can only be summed up as a transformational life-changing experience. Not only was I able to overcome several major hurdles in my professional and personal life, but I actually enjoyed the ride. From the bottom of my heart… I thank you.”

Jim Riddell - Executive Vice President of General Motors

“In the two decades, scores of diversity consultants have appeared on the scene in global businesses and governments… The best of the bunch is Barbara Annis.”

Tony Blair - British Prime Minister

“Anyone who has experienced a coaching session or workshop with Barbara Annis will never be the same… It’s a wake-up call that leaves you refreshed and with fire in your belly.”

Mary Kay Ash - Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

“Barbara has an ability to get in under my skin and create unparallel learning for me, a very cynical businessman. Thank you doing this with such tenacity and elegance.”

Richard Barton - CEO & President of Xerox

“I was skeptical at first, but quickly discovered that Gender intelligence was a powerful transformative experience for all our leaders involved. It has had a lasting impact on how we think about our business and how we walk to talk as leaders”

Lars Terney, Partner, Nordic Capital

“My sincere appreciation for the Men and Women in Business Program. We have had tremendous feedback from the participants from all aspects of the program. This truly was a “state of the art” experience. Thank you Barbara, your powerful messages and tremendous presence was the key. You and your associates are true professionals. Also, many specifically commented on how valuable it was to hear from our customers, partners and competitors on this very important topic.”

Khalil E. Barsoum - CEO/President of IBM Canada

“I had no idea how important it was to recognize gender differences. It affects everything we do from how we work in teams, market and sell our product, and deal with management. Thank you Barbara! An outstanding session for both men and women.”

Rob Singer - President, Europe of Sarah Lee

“Gender Intelligence has made a huge difference to our leadership team and our bank. It has made a tremendous impact in how we lead and communicate with each other, we look forward to rolling this out to our entire bank”

Scott Anderson, CEO, Zions Bank