For decades, the burden for achieving parity in leadership, whether in business, education, or government, has been placed squarely, and wrongly, on the shoulders of women alone. There are few if any books written specifically to men on gender diversity and what men can and should do to support and champion the advancement of women into leadership roles.

Male leaders know the value. What they don’t know is how to engage and be supportive in advancing women. This is the first book of its kind written primarily—though not exclusively—for men, showing them exactly why organizational performance is better and how to get on board. Results at the Top will be of high interest to women as well, for by speaking to men and making known their thoughts and the reasons for their behaviors, we reveal to women how to best communicate and interact with men in the workplace, and in many other aspects of life.



Barbara Annis, the world’s leading corporate gender specialist, believes that men and women don’t understand each other because they don’t appreciate the different ways men and women relate, communicate, problem-solve, and make decisions. In this original, solutions-based book, Annis explains exactly where we differ and how to improve the way we communicate with one another. Learn of cutting-edge, scientific research into the different neurological frameworks and functions of the male and female brains and how these innate biological differences determine how we: View the world; Solve problems; Make decisions; Prioritize; Manage emotions; Deal with stress; Work in teams; and Lead.



Gender Intelligence presents how a growing number of leading-edge companies have been able to break through the barriers to women advancing in leadership. They have made the remarkable transformation from compliance to choice—from pressure to preference.

They have discovered that the true measure of gender equality does not reside in a percentage, but in the untapped power of gender-intelligent men and women openly working and succeeding together. And the leadership in these forward-leaning companies have demonstrated the strength of conviction it takes to transform their cultures and benefit from the diversity of thought, talent, and skills that both men and women bring to the table.

As a result, these companies are far surpassing the financial outcomes of their less effective counterparts who have stalled out because they continue to embrace the paradigms of the past.

In Gender Intelligence, we reveal, through research and results, the heart of the issue—that gender-intelligent organizations with the best record of promoting women into senior management, in balance with men, are growing in their global competitiveness. They secure and retain the best talent, make better strategic decisions, produce more relevant products and services, and, as a result, achieve superior financial results.



Each day, men and women, looking to bring their best to work, are often challenged by what are no more than false assumptions and mistaken opinions about the other gender—persistent blind spots that frequently result in miscommunication, misunderstanding, resentment, and frustration, negatively affecting their work life as well as their personal life.

Work with Me is the timely collaboration of Barbara Annis, world-renowned expert on gender issues in the workplace, and John Gray, author of the number one relationship book of all time, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Revealed for the first time are the Eight Gender Blind Spots that create tension between the sexes at work and in their personal lives—Do Women Want Men to Change?; Do Men Appreciate Women?; Are Women Being Excluded?; Do Men Have to Walk on Eggshells with Women?; Do Women Ask Too Many Questions?; Do Men Listen?; Are Women Too Emotional?; Are Men Insensitive?.

Told through science, stories, and the results of over 100,000 in-depth interviews of men and women executives in over 60 Fortune 500 companies, readers will discover the biological and social influences that compel men and women to think and act as they do, and direct how they communicate, solve problems, make decisions, resolve conflict, lead others, and deal with stress. This definitive work-personal life relational guide brings insights and offers solutions to help both men and women remove the blind spots that separate them, allowing for greater success and satisfaction in their professional and personal lives.


The idea that men and women are different, and that these differences create misunderstandings, has been around forever. Same Words, Different Language gives men and women the “eyes to see” these gender differences so they will learn how to overcome the misunderstandings and challenges differences creates. People basically want the same things from their work: the feeling that they are contributing something of value and that they have the opportunity as individuals to learn and grow.

Readers will discover what the latest scientific research says about how men and women differ. They’ll hear the voices of real men and women talk about the challenges of working together. And they’ll learn how to make the most out of their own strengths and those of the other gender.

Same Words, Different Language will help readers improve their working relationship with the opposite gender. They’ll gain insights and tools to learn how to:

  • Recognize how your words and actions impact others.
  • Fine-tune your listening so you really hear what the other gender is saying.
  • Make convincing arguments to the other gender, in terms they understand.
  • Sell more effectively to women.
  • Coach and mentor the other gender more effectively.
  • Get better results from mixed teams, and have more fun working together.
  • Earn the trust and respect of your co-workers and improve your relationships.
  • And enjoy your job more!
    Same Words, Different Language is not a ‘women’s book.” Gender differences create challenges for everyone. It is not strictly for work, either. This book is for everyone who wants to understand the other gender and enjoy working with them, whether you are writing an annual report, or raising a family. Most of the case scenarios found in the book come from the working world, but the lessons of this book go beyond the workplace, for we all relate to both genders in one way or another, every day of our lives.



Harness the power of this breakthrough book (Jossey-Bass/John Wiley, September, 2008) by authors Michael Gurian and Barbara Annis, who are now also joining forces to develop a keynote (available February, 2008) designed to fundamentally change the way organizations work and build success.

Each of us enters the workplace, not only as an individual, but as a woman or man. Like it or not, our gender-different styles play a major role in how we work together and perform as leaders. The fact is – organizations that truly commit to utilizing the differences between men and women, gain a significant competitive advantage.

Science In Action

This engaging new keynote built on leading-edge gender brain research and more than two decades of in-the-workplace consultation and training, brings the authors’ book to life for you, providing insightful, practical approaches to executive and managerial leadership that will have an impact on all levels of your organization.

An approach that blends DVD-based learning with practical tools, anecdotes, and interactive discussion makes this lecture fun and informative, while fostering a new understanding of leadership and the workplace at points of connection between men and women’s thinking.

Barbara Annis, the leading corporate gender expert, and author of Same Words, Different Language, teams up with New York Times bestselling author Michael Gurian, a pioneer in the field of applied gender neuro-biology. Their powerhouse presentation provides a balanced, gender-positive approach that leaves participants with a sense of enlightenment around the subject of male/female brain difference.

Four Special Features in this Presentation:

  • Powerful technology and tools from new brain sciences. The authors present PET and SPECT scans, along with other state-of-the-art brain science tools to highlight the real brain differences between men and women.
  • Ready to use, field-tested, and practical Gender Tools. Learn five practical tools that give corporate leaders an ability to increase both their personal comfort and competitive edge as women and men.
  • Success Data from Fortune 500 corporations. See quantitative success data from numerous corporations the authors have worked with, including IBM, Microsoft, Deloitte & Touche, where brain-based gender training is adding millions to the bottom line.
  • Implications for the Home Front. Michael Gurian weaves relationship and parenting issues into this leadership presentation upon request, since male/female brain differences impact not only corporate leadership, but personal relationships, partnerships, marriages, and the raising of boys and girls.

“Our conference was a great success, much thanks to your fine involvement and excellent presentation. We could have listened to you for hours; we do hope to have a much longer encore in Stockholm next year. You were EVERYBODY’S favorite speaker and the perfect conclusion to the day.”

Renée Lundholm - President of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce

“Barbara has been a true blessing for our company; she spins her magic, plants seeds in everyone’s minds that have grown into unforeseen results.”

Tom Schwartz - Four Seasons

“Our company is not the same since we learned about Gender Intelligence, we have exceeded on all our six metrics once we implemented our insights. Gender Intelligence is now in the DNA of our culture”

Kerrie Peraino, EVP, American Express

“WOW!” I had no idea of the impact Gender Intelligence has had on me as a leader and how I have transformed my approach to how I work and communicate with women and engage diverse teams”

Bob Cancalosi, GE

“Our culture at the firm has transformed from a macho siloed culture to an inclusive culture. I really see the change over the years and it has had lasting effect at many levels, including the fact that we now have 42% of women in leadership”

Jane Allen, Senior Partner, Deloitte

“The Executive Coaching that Barbara Annis & Associates provided can only be summed up as a transformational life-changing experience. Not only was I able to overcome several major hurdles in my professional and personal life, but I actually enjoyed the ride. From the bottom of my heart… I thank you.”

Jim Riddell - Executive Vice President of General Motors

“In the two decades, scores of diversity consultants have appeared on the scene in global businesses and governments… The best of the bunch is Barbara Annis.”

Tony Blair - British Prime Minister

“Anyone who has experienced a coaching session or workshop with Barbara Annis will never be the same… It’s a wake-up call that leaves you refreshed and with fire in your belly.”

Mary Kay Ash - Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

“Barbara has an ability to get in under my skin and create unparallel learning for me, a very cynical businessman. Thank you doing this with such tenacity and elegance.”

Richard Barton - CEO & President of Xerox

“I was skeptical at first, but quickly discovered that Gender intelligence was a powerful transformative experience for all our leaders involved. It has had a lasting impact on how we think about our business and how we walk to talk as leaders”

Lars Terney, Partner, Nordic Capital

“My sincere appreciation for the Men and Women in Business Program. We have had tremendous feedback from the participants from all aspects of the program. This truly was a “state of the art” experience. Thank you Barbara, your powerful messages and tremendous presence was the key. You and your associates are true professionals. Also, many specifically commented on how valuable it was to hear from our customers, partners and competitors on this very important topic.”

Khalil E. Barsoum - CEO/President of IBM Canada

“I had no idea how important it was to recognize gender differences. It affects everything we do from how we work in teams, market and sell our product, and deal with management. Thank you Barbara! An outstanding session for both men and women.”

Rob Singer - President, Europe of Sarah Lee

“Gender Intelligence has made a huge difference to our leadership team and our bank. It has made a tremendous impact in how we lead and communicate with each other, we look forward to rolling this out to our entire bank”

Scott Anderson, CEO, Zions Bank