The GIG Philosophy


The mission of Gender Intelligence® Group is to create gender-awareness within organizational cultures that understand, value, and engage the unique abilities inherent within each individual. Our objectives are:

  • To ensure that the client authentically is, and is perceived as, the employer of choice for both men and women.
  • To empower organizations to advance both men and women and ensure everyone maximizes their productivity and workplace satisfaction.
  • To make the workplace an empowering win/win environment that welcomes and embraces gender and cultural differences.


Our Five Core Values



Throughout our work, we interweave incontrovertible evidence that gender is biologically determined. Differences in men’s and women’s brain architecture and chemistry have a distinguishing effect on each gender’s perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors and generally inform the distinctive ways in which women and men view the world, solve problems, communicate, make decisions, and deal with stress.

Moreover, we advocate that the construct of gender is formed by both nature and nurture—first informed by nature, then shaped by family, culture, and education.

We believe that gender equality must focus on equality in value and not just equality in numbers. Although equal opportunity and equal pay continue to be highly valued (and rightly so), we express gender equality as the ability for men and women to bring their authentic selves to work and be equally valued for the difference in their ideas, decisions, and leadership—not a sameness or uniformity.

We look at gender equality from a strength-through-differences standpoint rather than equality in numbers. Our client-organizations recognize that men and women bring different perspectives to the table and need each other’s perspectives to sustain growth and success in this highly competitive, global information age.

In addition to advancing employees’ attitudes and behaviors, organizational cultures must adjust their policies, procedures, and marketplace practices to reflect gender inclusiveness principles and the practice of inclusive behavior.