On March 29th in Los Angeles, 150 visionary entrepreneurs, CEOs, CHROs, experience designers, community builders, and operators will gather for ideas worth spreading to shape a better future of work.

We welcome you to join us for a day of critical thinking about the future of work– our relationships, our capabilities, and our rights. Are we cultivating healthy cultures and developing ourselves personally in sustainable ways? Is governance today accelerating or encumbering business? Can teamwork really make the dream work?

Together, we’ll discover the near and far futures of work.


We invite you to try your own social experiment in your workplace. Share your insights from the TEDx Talk with a member of the opposite gender at work. Ask him or her what challenges they have experienced when working with the opposite gender. If you are a woman, ask a man you work closely with about his experiences working with women. If you’re a man, ask a woman to share her experiences working with men. Share what you’ve learned with a particular focus on the challenges of working with men and women. Stand in the other person’s shoes and listen, listen, listen. Do not filter. Listen powerfully and authentically.

We encourage you to start a new conversation that accelerates win/win relationships between men and women at work by beginning a dialogue that moves us into the future, instead of pulling us into the past.